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We collaborate from the content definition till the project’s closure. We participate in the making of decisions, and we make sure the guidelines established are respected. We have a wide enough offering so that any organisation can produce high quality contents with no need to have permanent staff. 5 basic rules to work with:

  1. Tell a story. Work with a structure based in an introduction, a development and an ending. Don’t use the video to fill it with data and numbers, that’s what the PDFs and dossiers are for.
  2. Emotions and feelings. Make an approach on an emotional premise and not on a rational one. This is the best way to broadcast emotions. Include an easy going, fun and human point. Get that touch and you will seduce.
  3. Specify the receiver’s profile. Depending on who you speak to, you will have to adjust the approach and use the right language. Just like when we prepare an oral presentation, we don’t use the same jargon to different listeners. You will also have to decide what you want to tell and whether you want to do it in depth.
  4. Be honest. Truth will always strengthen your image / trade.
  5. Get a short duration. A successful audiovisual doesn’t tire the receiver. It must keep his attention till the end and you will get that using the right time to broadcast the message. If the last cut is long, divide the sequences, the soundtrack, change the rhythm… but always keep the concentration level high.

We offer tailored solutions in order to optimise your communication initiatives.

  • Product Video
  • Industrial / Production / Constructive Processes
  • Formation / e-learning
  • Service Presentation / Departments / Facilities
  • Industrial Photography / Product / Processes
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