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Ignasi , Ivan and Roger. Qualified technicians in Image and Sound with more than 15 years of experience in the audiovisual world. What we really love, and the added value of Pandora, is that we participate in all the stages of the execution of a project. We build from the original idea, creating the material (scripts, video images, photos, motion graphics, voiceovers, musical selection, sound effects, etc), and we shape the contents in the postproduction room.
To participate in all the stages of the creative process gives us a total knowledge of what the client needs. We speed up processes that otherwise would be more expensive, in time and money, and we make sure to achieve the established communication objectives.


Serious, formal, very correct and always willing. We could define him as a person with a supernatural capacity to absorb all the available information about any of the subjects that can interest him, whether it is the audiovisual, the photography… or cars.
He met Roger at the Instituto Politécnico Sant Ignasi, and between lessons and practical classes they started the first projects together producing live theatre plays, choral shows and local TV programmes.
Looking for what now is called continuous improvement, and aware of the future of photography, he succeeded in one of the first courses of digital photography.
Before creating Pandora he was a sound technician in Audio Digital Barcelona, studio where he produced countless commercial breaks, dubbing and voiceovers.
A great camera operator. He is a multi-tasking man, able to record or photograph what the client asks for, exactly as the client needs. Agile and fast in the postproduction room, he is a person with unbelievable synthesis ability.
Specialist in Full HD, he is rediscovering the mean with this new format and all the possibilities it offers.


After one year studying Technical Industrial Enginery, and finding out that was not what he wanted, almost by chance he found his real vocation: image and sound.
With the title of Specialist Technician in Image and Sound, and willing to keep learning, he achieved a specialisation course in creation and composing 3D images generated by computer.
With Ignasi, and after different amateur projects, in 1998 decided to try with Pandora. They had any client, little experience and a will to do lots of stuff.
He enjoys the first stages of every Project, by listening the client’s idea and figuring out how it can be focused and offering solutions. A splendid postproduction technician in the edition, colour correcting and making image composition.
Lately he has discovered a new aspect that attracts him, marketing. So he has signed into a higher program of Marketing and Sales Management. He might finish it someday, but if he doesn’t, meanwhile, he learns lots of things.


Since he was a child he had always had an obsession for the cinema and all that surrounds it. What he didn’t know yet was that his connection with this world would be inside the production team.
As most of the big professionals in this area, he has been working in all the categories. From runner, he went step by step till becoming Line Producer.
He has produced feature films, TV movies, advertising, corporate videos or documentaries. From the beginning of Pandora he has been with us. The first years combining it with other projects, but lately being part of the Pandora’s team in an ongoing way.
He is methodical and hard-worker, and it is difficult that any detail can slip out when he’s creating and coordinating human and technical crews, necessary for every kind of production.
He’s glad to share everything he knows, and whenever his job allows him, he is a professor of Production in Post-graduate courses at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and the Universitat Ramon Llull.


2012 – Teacher of Production in the school “Centro de Estudios Cinematográficos de Cataluña” / Teacher of Production in the Master’s Degree in Design and Management of the Media Production UAB / Teacher of Production in the Master’s Degree in Cinema and TV Directing Ramon Llull

2011 – Teacher of Production in the Master’s Degree in Design and Management of the Media Production UAB / Teacher of Production in the Master’s Degree in Production and Media Company Management Ramon Llull / Teacher and Production Advisor in the school “Bande à Part”

2010 – Teacher of Production in the Master’s Degree in Design and Management of the Media Production UAB

2009/10 – Teacher and Production Advisor in the school “Bande à Part”


2011 – Line Producer in “Hijo de Cain”. Director: Jesús Monllao

Unit Manager in “Diplomatico Kuroda”. Director: Hiroshi Nishitani

2009 – Line Producer in “Tramontana”. Director: Ramón Gieling

2008 – Line Producer in “Héroes”. Director: Pau Freixa (Preparació)

Unit Manager in “El Truco del Manco”. Director: Santiago Zanou

2007 – Line Producer in “El Kaserón”. Director: PauMartínez

Delegate Producer in “Intrusos (en Manases)”. Director: Juan Carlos Claver

2006 – Line Producer in “Blackout”. Director: Rigoberto Castañeda

Line Producer in the Productora Live & Pictures

2005 – Line Producer in the Productora Abs Production

Delegate Producer in “El destino”. Director: Miguel Pereira (Argentina)

Unit Manager in “Cargo”. Director: Clive Gordon

2004 – Unit Manager in “The Birthday”. Director: Eugenio Mira

2003 – Unit Manager in “The Tulse Luper suitcases”. Director: Peter Greenaway

Unit Manager in “Joves”. Directors: Ramón Termens i Carles Torres

Unit Manager in “El Año del Diluvio”. Director: Jaime Chavarri

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